Tips while hiring a criminal defence lawyer

When it comes to hiring a criminal defence lawyers in Dubai, it is difficult as no one ever plans on doing so. It becomes harder to find the best lawyer who will get you best results on the court and help in the best possible manner during the most stressful times of your life. Here are few tips that will help you hire the best criminal defence lawyer when in need:

  • Choose an attorney who is passionate about criminal law case: Look out for lawyers in Dubai who not only represent you in the court but also listen to you, show interest in your case and fight and do every possible thing to get you out of all charges.
  • Learn about his experience: Make sure you hire a lawyer in Dubai who specializes in the type of your charges. Working on tax laws is not at all the same as working on criminal cases. It requires a lot of experience in such kind of cases.
  • Trust your instincts: If you feel that the lawyer is not taking any interest in your case and pressurizes you in making any decision, then do not hire him. Hire a lawyer in Dubai who acts as your advisor, explain you every possible option and help you choose the best.
  • Look out for the strong legal team: Go for a lawyer in Dubai, who has a strong team while he works on your case. Meet all other lawyers of his team to make sure it is strong and confident enough to fight your case.
  • Look for confidence : Choose a lawyer in Dubai who builds a strong case for you through his experience and not the one who only knows to make promise but doesn’t know how to fulfil them.
  • Take the recommendations: Consider the lawyer in Dubai who has a good reputation and more satisfied clients. Choose an attorney your trusted associates suggest for, but do check for the testimonials.
  • Compare the fee: It is sure that an experienced lawyer in Dubai will ask for more fees than a lawyer that has just passed out from a law school. Do not hesitate in asking why the fees in more in compared to other experienced and qualified lawyers.
  • Choose a lawyer you can understand: Make sure your lawyer speaks using terms you understand while you discuss case together. Do not go for a lawyer who speaks specialized terms that he uses in court or while preparing legal papers.
  • Find a lawyer who explains you everything: Find a lawyer in Dubai who explains you everything related to your case.  Right from plea bargains to penalties, you need to know everything as the decisions made on a whim can have a negative impact on your case.

Facing criminal charges is not at all easy like a simple punishment from your senior. Do not take any decisions alone. Make sure you consult an attorney. Follow these tips so that your hire the best criminal defense lawyer in Dubai.

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