Why is using Uber cab more convenient than traditional Taxi?

Uber was launched in 2012 and since then it became one of the best alternatives to a traditional taxi service. Most drivers don’t possess any special licenses, and they are using their own vehicles in order to accept fare rides. All payments are handled through an application that you can install on your smartphone, so that means that you don’t have to pay anything, even tips for this kind of driving. However, you cannot pick the Uber cab on the street when you want to reach a certain place. That is the main difference between Uber cab and traditional taxi provider. Uber is car-for-hire service that relies on mobile device tech as both fee and dispatch manager.

This particular service is available in 377 cities all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Tokyo, Dubai, London, Chicago, Montreal or Seattle, you will be able to pick Uber rides by checking the application.

The Uber Process

First, you have to install the application that is compatible with both iOS and Android device. You will be able to create an Uber account and attach your credit card so that you can pay for it without using cash. When you need a ride, just use the application in order to get your pickup location. All modern phones have GPS that will help you to locate them easily. There are also different websites and text message alternatives that you can choose instead of an application.

You will get a confirmation of how many minutes you will wait, but don’t worry; it usually takes up to 10 minutes to reach the Uber cab wherever you are. You will also get a text message of details of the driver such as photo and name, as well as a car that he or she drives. You will be able to take a ride with other Uber users in order to split the fare and to have a more affordable ride. Payment is handled through the application, and you don’t have to pay anything in cash. Just step out of the car and wave to the driver with gratitude. After the ride, it is important to rate the driver from one to five.

In some cases, accidents could happen, that is the reason you should consult Uber accident lawyer that will help you determine what are the possibilities in that particular case.

Why is it popular?

Uber is loved by millions of users because it is the perfect combination of convenience, quality standards, and affordability. It could be 50% cheaper than a regular taxi cab, which is one of the biggest reasons why people enjoy this particular service. In the same time, Uber cars are usually newer, cleaner and they are in much better state than regular cab cars.

The other convenience is a possibility to pay electronically without any additional problem, without using cash and everything through your smartphone. Which is far better than dealing with rude cash drivers that demand cash instead of credit cards?


Uber cabs are the best way to reach from point A to B for an affordable fee without any additional problem. You just have to install the application and your journey can begin.